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creative / brand / strategy


Crafted compelling and brand-aligned social content and email campaigns establishing a distinct voice to foster audience engagement. Created and implemented go-to-market and creative strategies for the successful launch of new products. Assisted in leading and executing complete rebrand including website, packaging, and campaign design.

creative / social / print & digital 

Innerest Beauty

Developed calendar and executed content for paid & organic for eight brands spanning essentially every platform. Designed diverse marketing content, including blogs, email, digital and print promotional materials, trade show displays, and advertisements.

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brand / socials / email

Excuse My Frank

Excuse My Frank is a skincare brand that- just like a great friend- is honest. I was tasked with pinpointing a brand voice along with a social media content strategy, while leading daily content production for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tiktok.

brand / social / print & digital 


SoloVegan is a skincare brand focused on providing organic, vegan skincare for tweens and teens. I had the pleasure of leading the creative team on product development, packaging design, PDQ design, and social media strategy across nearly all channels, including Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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brand / socials / web design / packaging

Eat Gold Organics

Eat Gold Organics is a line of fair-trade, organic, vegan chocolate that is infused with nootropics and adaptogens. In addition to advising on content and brand strategy, completed a complete website redesign and created a set of content deliverables that spanned across the entire product line.

brand / social / print & digital 

Wild Child Party

The goal at Wild Child Party was create a cohesive brand voice and align the already impressive social media presence with the new marketing goals focusing on increasing online sales while implementing strong influencer partnerships. In addition to managing all social media platforms, I solidified the brand guidelines and created a GIF package to utilize in IG stories. 

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brand / socials / promo collateral

City of Long Beach

Long Beach Reentry Week is a series of events in Long Beach, CA that are put on to help  formerly incarcerated people be reintegrated into the community. For this client, I was tasked with creating a cohesive brand identity for the event, including a logo and a design system for creating marketing materials.

creative / web / product photography

Holistic Blends

Holistic Blends offers organic, natural supplement blends. I was brought onto the project to creative direct photoshoot for new product photography, lead the editing team, and implement the creative onto the website and into campaigns.  

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